Friday, 12 February 2016

Fussy and fancy Challenge #157 Jo's Recipe

It's fussy and Fancy Challenge Friday again and this time my very talented friend Jo Rice has set the challenge fact she wrote a little poem:
A recipe.....
Create a design and have some fun,
Use this recipe and your work will be done,
Just use black and white to make a start,
But then add some red , a flowers and a little love heart......X

They say you can find love in the strangest places well there I was doing my food shopping and there lying on the shelf was a battered piece of  MDF....just waiting to be loved ....and then  remembered Jo's recipe and as it is coming up to valentine's day .... so the battered piece of MDF was rescued for a reduced price.

Several coats of white Gesso later and I was ready to play, I stamped a lovely script stamp diagonally all over it, then for the touch of red, I found some red heart gem, made some red paper roses and found 3 little stickpins with  red hearts on them. Then I thought the O looked empty searching through my embellishment drawer I found a metal filigree heart which with the help of some 'invisible' thread I made it float in the centre of the O so here it is:

I could have gone on adding bits and pieces but it would have looked like a pizza with too many toppings so I decided Less was more
Hope you will have a go at Jo's recipe it's very simple and as the other members of the design team have shown it can be used to make cards, home d├ęcor let your imagination run wild I know Jo is looking forward to seeing what you come up with .... let's make her smile she's such a lovely talented lady. You can find out how to enter your work here
Right the sun is shining so I am going into my garden to see what is going on there, I could see through my window that I have lovely clumps of daffodils and primroses that have managed to keep growing even when the weather was so terrible. Now I know Spring must be on it's way, hurrah I can't wait and I know Jasper ( our black Labrador) can't wait either, he loves to lie with the Patio doors open so that he can just wander in and out as he pleases.
Till next time Bye for now xxx Annie