'My Square Mile....and Beyond'

I live in a very beautiful area of North Wales and  on these pages I will post some pictures of my favourite places:

We live within walking distance of the Menai Straits which seperates the island of Anglesey from mainland Wales. This picture is of a little cove which is overshadowed by Telford's famous Suspension Bridge. This place holds so many happy childhood memories of family  picnics which consisted of ginger beer , hovis jam butties and cakes.

These beautiful mountains dominate the horizon wherever we look. From my craft room window I can see the summit of Snowdon on a clear day it is so beautiful. The colour of the mountains changes in different light, sometimes they can look quite purple.

February 7th 20013...SPRING IS STARTING TO SPRING 


This last week we have been buffeted by freezing  Artic winds but look what I spied in the garden, which I should say has been more like a bog than a garden through the Winter. Signs that Spring is stirring and the garden is ready to come to life again

For most of Spring & Summer our garden was a building site and yet our established plants managed to survive and flower ...it's amazing really...

Our lovely 'Katie apple tree produced plenty of blossom
The Azaelea in Mum's part of the garden was a blaze of colour

Cherry Blossom was heavy with blossom until the winds came and blew it all off and gave us a pink carpet on the lawn

This Hibiscus was right in the middle of the Builders storage area but by August it was buzzing with bees.

Nothing like the heavy scent of honeysuckle on a damp Summer's evening

We had seven apples on Katie tree this year, this is the only one to survive those on the lower branches were stolen by the Apple thief ... namely Jasper ... this one survived higher up and managed to ripen but the birds had a go at it!! so I have yet to taste an apple after 4years of trying!!

This gorgeous Passion Flower cost £2 in our local supermarket ... it is so beautifully perfect

This gorgeous Red Acer has finally found it's ideal spot because we had to move it away from the building work, this shadey spot was perfect and protected it from the sun and windburn that it usually suffers.

Our pride and joy the Wisteria we bought from Percy Throwers nursery on our way home from the Cotswolds where every golden stone building is draped in these fabulous flowers. Ours is growing over our little arbour and provides a great shadey spot to sit especially when we enjoyed as many blisteringly hot summer days as we did this year

AUTUMN .. the leaves will soon be turning, there's a nip in the air but I do the Autumn.... Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...

There are plenty of berries for the birds this year

Last of the yellow honeysuckle which covers the ugly brown fence

and the remnants of the pink honeysuckle which grows up the side of the patio

Thank goodness I did walk into this cobweb when I went out into the garden with Jasper at silly o clock  all bleary eyed.

The Builders move in

Way back in May our garden looked more like a bombsite than a garden

at least it was starting to take shape

we were lucky with the weather although the builders were sweating a bit


And then we were done ... problem then was we seemed addicted to  renovations and everything  else seemed shabby by comparison so we decided to do a little bit more work ourselves inside the house. So now it's October and we are nearly done. We should be all cosy ready for what the Winter throws at us :(
On the plus side I can get on with some serious crafting .... I have missed it!!


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