Digi Scraps

These first two photos are of digi scrapbook pages created using Serif Craft Artist2 and a digikit called Unbreakable from G&T designs. This photo is of my youngest granddaughter Kate, she was on the train on her first solo trip away from home. When I saw the photo I knew I had to make a scrapbook page with it because it made me realise how quickly she was growing up and that soon she too would be flying the nest.

This page is called 'Mummy's Hug' the little girl is my granddaughter Lorna and this is one of her favourite photos of herself and her Mum, Lynne. It is a very poignant page as we lost Lynne to cancer aged 39 in 2007. Crafting especially scrapbooking helped me through this difficult time. In fact it was a handmade card from Lynne that first got me interested in papercrafting.

When I was scrolling through my highly disorganised photo folders I found another of the digi scrap pages I had done using this Unbreakable kit...this time the subject was my eldest granddaughter Rhiannon ... I loved this photo as soon as I saw it  and knew I had to use it

I find using special photographs in this digiscrapbooking format is so therapeutic as well as preserving precious memories for the younger generation. They certainly seen to like seeing what I have created with their photos and goodness knows there is a constant stream of them ...cameras on their mobile phones make it possible for them to record allsorts of weird and wonderful things..Trickiest part is making sure they are all included at some point ... Nana's don't have favourites, I love them all xx

I love this Unbreakable digikit so much I used it in Serif CraftArtist2 to create the background for my blog.

October 10th 2015

It's been a while since I added any digi scraps ... today it's a lovely little memory on video. I found a box of cine tapes we had made of our grandchildren, this one must be about 19 years old because Lorna, our second granddaughter has just celebrated her 22nd birthday. She was tickled pink when she saw it again after all this time and she shared her guilty pleasure .... she now knows all the words to this song and she still loves singing along to the Spice Girls. Here it is:

I will have to go through some more of the tapes to see what there is. xx Nana

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