My Crafting Buddy ...Jasper

This is our Black Lab Jasper, he is now 3 years old and a big handsome boy. He is my contant companion, as our sons and grandchildren are grown up now he is our baby. He can be mischievious, playful but above all he is faithful. He spends hours up in my craft room and doesn't seem to mind getting covered in glitter and bits of paper whilst lying at my feet

This is an original pencil sketch of Jasper, drawn by by eldest granddaughter Rhiannon, she gave it to me as a birthday present a couple of years ago. The likeness is amazing and it is a present I will always treasure.
Rhiannon is now in her first year at Hereford College of Arts studying Illustration and thoroughly enjoying it.

Found this today and I think this is what Jasper tries to tell me when he looks at me with his soulful beautiful hazel eyes ....I hope so, beautiful boy cos I love you too xxx

It's the 19th February and we woke up to sunshine wow 3 days on the trot. It was lovely to be able to sit out in the garden for a while and enjoy Jasper's antics. It's impossible to photograph him when he's on the move because he runs around like a mad thing but here are acouple of pics of him sitting still - his coat looks beautiful in the sunlight :) He got Dad in on the act too:

My youngest grandaughter Kate stayed over last weekend and she loves taking photos after having a super camera for Christmas. She took loads of pics of Jasper, and loaded them onto my computer but this is my fave: he was laid on the top of the stairs his favourite place to be especially if we go out. From there he knows he can watch the front door ... so when we arrive home we always get a huge welcome, usually he has one of his toys nearby so that he has something to carry in his mouth for you. If I am carrying a shopping bag his nose will be straight into it in case I have something for him. What a guard dog he makes he'd knock any burglar over and then lick him to death xxx

FASHIONISTA DOG ..... he ain't ...

Does my nose look BIG in this ?

My mum went to Hereford with Kate, the youngest granddaughter to visit Rhiannon, the eldest granddaughter who's in university there. They saw this lady selling Doggy accessories in the market and decided I would like red spotted bandana. I let them put it on me .... but this is what I really thought of it...


Rainy Days... I hate getting wet so My Mam bought this....

The Indignity: 'Tell Her Indoors I'm not a B***** greyhound!! & I didn't even want to go out in the rain'

Here's me when I was six years old, I can still turn on the charm and look cute so that my Human Mum gives me a cuddle and perhaps a biscuit

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