Saturday, 4 January 2014

Just a quicky..

This is a quick card I made this afternoon, I try allsorts of crafts but nothing makes me happier than starting with a blank piece of card, some stamps this is a new Clarity one, inks and in this case a stencil:

I love the challenge of which stamp first? is this in front or behind, using masks to give the illusion... because this is one flat piece of card ... no cutouts stacked on top of a background. I get quite lost in it and get the biggest buzz when it works out.
Oh yes, the craft attic is awful messy .. nothing new there... bin is full of copier paper masks and trial runs :) that is the joy of crafting.

I love the sentiment : 'The best and most beautiful things  cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart', .....beautiful words from Helen Keller, a very inspirational woman who was deaf & almost blind ... she did not let this hold her back ..she was an American political activist and author. I remember seeing a film of her life when I was quite young and being touched by it.

Well my New Year's Resolution is to become a better Blogger in 2014 so that's one down... hopefully plenty more to come
Bye for now xxx Annie


  1. Annie this is stunning, and like you I love to take a blank piece of card and create a little piece of art...
    Your work is gorgeous as always....hugs.Jo. X

  2. Annie I love this too and I love this heart stamp can't afford it yet though sent for some sales stuff and the padlocks lol... can't you tell I have cranked up the lap top I don't seem to be able to get to my list of blogs on the tablet xx