Sunday, 16 February 2014

Card for Grandson's 18th

This was a tough one an 18th birthday card for a boy who is nuts about computers and gaming. He hopes to go to uni later this year to study computer programming. This is what I came up with:

It all started when I was looking on the Silhouette studio designs library. I should add that I only just had my silhouette as a crafty Christmas present from my husband, and as I was unwell after Christmas I really hadn't played with it at all ... as I said I found this design which looked like a circuit board but which spelled out the word CONGRATS, then I found the keyboard and mouse and finally the games controller. So through trial and error (I'm not very good at doing instructions) I finally had the bits I needed. I googled and printed covers of some of the games I knew he liked mounted them on green card stacked them up on this stepper card. I finished it off with a lovely sentiment inside which said everything I wanted to say including how proud we were of him .... I just hope he likes it .. because a lot of love went into making it ... I'll soon find out because it's already in the post for his birthday on Sunday 16th February. Happy 18th Birthday Sion my one and only grandson... oh how he suffered at the hands of the three granddaughters ... he was always being bossed about, but gave in gracefully most of the time !! I better find some time to find out how this lovely toy works :)
That's all for tonight xx Annie

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