Monday, 21 April 2014

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Today being Easter Monday and a lovely hazy sunny day we decided to keep away from the bustling holiday traffic and take the short 5 minute car drive down to Menai Bridge.

It was a lovely walk though Coed Cyrnol, Menai Bridge, simple pleasure of walking through Pine Woods carpeted with bluebells, then over the causeway to Church Island ... a really spiritual place that I have often visited when I wanted time alone to think....

this is the church of St Tysilio many of my ancestors are buried in it's churchyard which spreads over the island

 The church is lit by little diamond shaped stained glass windows and this more ornate stained glass window above the tiny altar

 It is a very small church consisting of one room it is entered through this tiny door, the wood is old and gnarled, you have to touch it and wonder how old it is....

This plaque refers to the original church built on the site by St Tysilio in 630 AD.

This is the view of the Britannia Bridge taken from the topmost point near the cenotaph, the original tubular brige was built by George Stephenson it was destroyed by a fire in the 70s this was started in the tubes which carried the rail line when boys went in looking for bats.

Then it was back along the Belgian Prom , so called because it was built with donations from the Belgian Refugees who had lived in the area,
This leads to Carreg yr Halen, a tiny cove in the shadow of Thomas Telford's wonderful  Menai Suspension Bridge this is the place that stirs the most vivid childhood memories of picnics (well Hovis butties and homemade lemonade) eaten here with our Dear Mam.

The beach was sandy, back then dredgers used to bring the sand in. Scarey Cormorants used to stand guard on the wooden posts that used to jut out of the water and the buildng on the left was just a wood & stone boathouse which has  been renovated now.

Well that is it for today all that walking in the sea air I should sleep well tonight xxxx Annie

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