Sunday, 4 October 2015

October Cards

Late September & early October is a very hectic time for birthdays in our family . On 2nd October my granddaughter Lorna celebrated her 22nd birthday ....what to make for her?? I dithered and then a lightbulb moment ....all those 100s of 'selfies' that all young people take ... it had to be a Selfie Wordbook in fact a #Lorna wordbook.... Here it is first in its raw state and then decorated:

Then I had to decide which photos to include out of 1000s available, logically I had to start at the beginning and Rolly her grandad insisted 'Don't forget the on of her with the blue hat'. Then Lorna arrived at our house to introduce her new boyfriend Ant to us I surprised her by playing an old tape I had of her singing along to the spice girls. My sister Sue who is more techie than me got a couple of stills from it and one of those was included:
I had collected lovely little frames with cutout words and symbols which I made on my Silhouette Cameo machine, the letters of her name were also built up in three layers  and added to the page bases which were shaped on Cameo. Lorna's sister Kate and Aunty Sue chose their favourite pics. One page was of the two sisters and the last page was  and then of course the last page was of Lorna and Ant.
Here are the tiny pages behind the hashtag ... I used them to write my Happy Birthday:
She seems to be very pleased with it so I am a very happy Bunny. xx

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