Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Boy is 50 today :)

Can't believe where the years have gone, my eldest son had his 50th birthday today ...Happy Birthday Mark xxx this is the card I made for him ... I used Sue Wilson's brushed gold but it doesn't show up very well in the photo...

 He likes to know how things work so when I saw this Orrery stamp as a freebie on Creativity mag a few month's ago I knew what I was going to do... except I put it away in a safe place and couldn't remember where it was, I was at the point where I was going to ask my lovely Sis if I could borrow hers when it turned up in the most unlikely place when I was looking for something else ... I'm sure there is a Black Hole in this house where things disappear ..usually one of a pair of socks, even crafty things)

My sister sent me a copy of an insert she had designed when she used the same stamp, I was so grateful because although I love making cards I am terrible when it comes to making inserts can imagine what I'm like when it comes to making Christmas cards and I've left the inserts until the last minute. Anyway Sue saved the day this time, it is perfect for my card , I just had to add my it is:

Thanks for that Sue. xx

Well that's all from me for today it's well past my bedtime .. and two posts in one day ...that's unheard of from me
Nite nite xx Annie
Nite, nite

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