Thursday, 17 October 2013

Happy Birthday, Meggles

Today 17th October is my niece Meg's birthday ... so Many Happy Returns, cariad and hope you liked your card...

This card is very much inspired by Eileen Godwin,  she is a very generous and inspirational person her blog  is well worth a visit ( even Eileen's dog Daisy has a blog!!) The template Eileen had used was discontinued so I had to set to and create my own.

This card was made for my niece, Meg who is a very talented artist and crafter so I always try to make something s bit different for her, I usually run my ideas past her mum, my sister Sue. In fact I am always online, on the phone or emailing Sue and bouncing crafty ideas about, I find it helps when my mojo goes walkabout as it often does. Anyway here is the card and hoping that you have a brilliant day ,Meg xx

Our grandparents house always had a hedge of hydrangea plants, as they got older the plants got woody and hollow underneath ideal for children to make dens in. To an outsider it just looked like an ordinary semi detached house but to 5 generations of my family Bryn Meini was Home and full of memories, letting go of it when my mum died was very hard, but whenever I see hydrangeas I have to smile and I remember so many happy memories of time spent there.... after I had written this post in draft I found this old photo of the hydrangeas in Bryn Meini's garden ... this is me aged 3  just look at the Simon Cowell waistband on my skirt , things had to last in those days as I grew the shoulder straps would have been let down lol!!

Meg also loved the house and garden and when she was looking for her first house of her own, and having being disappointed along the way ... when she found the house of her dreams and discovered the number plaque by the front door had hydrangeas on it... she knew it was the right was just meant to be

When I discovered this Impression Obsession die of a hydrangea I knew it was a must have... it is magical the way the flower comes to life as you build it up... and then when I saw the background Eileen Godwin had used with another flower die .. this card was born. Thanks Eileen x

That's it for today's blog so bye for now
xx Annie


  1. What a lovely post, such hiraeth seeing the photo. That's the place Meg created her first 'potion', the rose perfume for Aunty Anne. The card really is beautiful, I'm going to add a calendar to mine and pin it on my noticeboard.

  2. A lovely post full of memories Annie and such a gorgeous card, wonderful :-) xx

  3. GASP! This card is stunning, Annie! I have to keep going back to look at it! It's so pretty!
    I loved reading your special childhood story! And what a wonderful picture that you were able to share!
    What a very special post! Thank you for sharing!
    Big Warm Hugs, Sheryl