Sunday, 20 October 2013

If you go Down the Woods Today..

It's a horrible dark wet Sunday so there is nothing for it but to head for the crafty attic and have a play and get lost in my thoughts so here goes:

I got my gelli plate out and followed Barbara Gray's tutorial on her new blog, this was the best after a number of attempts , I have a bin full of crumpled copier paper and failed attempts.

I must have a lot more practice with my gelli plate before I become more confident with it, but Barbara's tutorial did open my eyes to the possibilities, my previous attempts have been very basic. Biggest learning curve was realising that what you setup on your gelli plate is a mirror image of what your print off will look like... I had to think carefully about where I positioned my toadstools and the owl.

Better have a bit of a clean up because I have been playing with these bits and pieces since yesterday afternoon.

Bye xxx Annie


  1. Wow! I think this came out wonderful, Annie! I must confess that I don't have a gelli plate and we don't have crafting classes around here where I live. I will have to look up Barbara Gray and find out what a gelli plate is! ;-)
    I hope that your enjoying your weekend!
    Hugs, Sheryl

  2. Hi Sheryl, thanks for visiting my little blog. I believe the gelli plate has come over to the UK from the US. Barbara Gray produces beautiful stamps and appears regularly on Create & Craft our UK craft channel, Her blog is and her company is Clarity Stamps ... Sazzle is on her design Team and produces some amazing work with her stamps. Looking forward to working with you xxx Annie