Friday, 1 November 2013

Little bit of Knit 1 purl1

I hate sitting in front of the tv doing nothing so a little bit of knitting keeps my fidgety hands occupied. This was my latest little effort, now I'm not an expert knitter and this pattern was written to be made on a circular needle!! first stumbling block I hadn't got the right size. Decided to make it with 2 side seams but then had to adapt the cable because on circular needles the stitches work differently :(.

Once I had got him started and could see him growing I just had to keep going it is so clever the way his face develops, there really isn't an awful lot of twisty cables to it!
And here is the finished hat complete with tassles
I was quite pleased with it, certainly kept my fidgety hands busy for a couple of evenings..... What to do next I wonder

That's it for today just a quicky update really because I have already posted My Fussy & Fancy Challenge project earlier so Bye for now xxx Annie

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