Monday, 18 November 2013

Weather Forecast... SNOW!!

Well they are forecasting snow for us here in Wales this week. Just hope it's not as bad as December 2010 when we had 9" of snow here's the proof, it looked so pretty in the garden but it made it  quite tough to get around

My ruler sank in the snow

It looked so pretty in the garden but it made it tough to get around
This is a scrapbook page I made using a photo of Jasper sitting in the snow .. I later adapted it to make a Christmas card for my neighbours who all know Jasper:
Sadly one of these neighbours went into a care home  a few months later suffering from dementia, she doesn't remember us but she has this Christmas card in her room with her and she knows just who it is... it's Jasper she says, he's my best friend ... Jasper adored her and still stops at her garden gate when we pass on our way out for a walk, he remembers her too and all the cuddles and licks he gave her.
That's all for now ..if the snow does come your way 'Keep safe and warm .... ooh and spare a thought for the birds and leave them some food out' xxx Bye Annie

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