Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Birthdays ... all 5 of them !!

I have been so busy over the last couple of weeks as I have 5 birthdays to make cards for 3 for the 14th 1for 15th and 1 for  16th.  As my mojo has up and left me I was very thankful to have found Papermania Vintage Notes . .a lovely kit  especially for ladies of a certain age. So Happy Birthday to all the recipients of these cards hope you like them
The  first card to be made was for my Mother in Law who was 92 today. As her eyesight is not to good I wanted to make quite a 'touchy feely' sort of card and here it is, a few spellbinders later and I was done. Mum in Law has phoned to say she has received her card and she loved it and knew immediately who it was from !!

Having completed this one I was on a bit of a roll and I batch made three smaller variations on a theme for 3 of my ladies cards:

My next door neighbour seemed well pleased with hers when she caught me popping it through her letterbox this morning.

The last one is a complete contrast ... a card for my sport mad grandson Sion, I really thought hard about this one and when I saw this kanban background paper had orange & turquoise splodges on it  I knew I had to use it because he has a fave tshirt in those colours!!
So Happy Birthday Sion for your birthday on Saturday:

So that's that panic over for a few weeks, phew thank goodness i can get back to crafting playtime....

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