Thursday, 7 February 2013

Something Very Different

I had bought this papier mache mannequin sometime ago with a view to just painting it and then I saw Kay from IndigoBlu demonstrating how to stamp onto 3ply mansize tissue hankys strip down to 1 ply and then brush 'Slap it on' or pva onto the papier mache shape put the stamped 1ply tissue onto  the shape and gently brush over lightly with more pva to secure  into place. Keep adding patches of 1ply till it is covered. Any wrinkles in the paper disappear as it dries.
Before doing this technique the bare mannequin was painted with gesso to prime it and then painted with acrylic paint. It really is a lovely technique and when the trimmings are added the end result is really pretty.

This technique enables you to stamp onto curved and shaped pieces which opens up a whole new world. I have a cardboard box full of boxes I have bought with a view to 'altering' them.... one day the'll get done too so watch this space!!! but don't hold your breath.
That is it for today... think maybe more from IndigoBlu tomorrow so till then xxx Annie

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