Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Granddaughter's Primark Pumps!!

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days but February is a very busy time as I have 5 birthdays on the 14th, 15th & 16th .. I finally completed the last card today, just in the nick of time. Right back to business ...you may think what's that title all about?
Well last night my eldest granddaughter, Rhiannon who is studying illustration at Hereford College of Arts posted a photo on FaceBook of a little doodling project she had started as a bit of fun ..nothing  to do with her coursework. Because she had used a form of doodling called Zentangle I asked if I could share the photo with some of my crafty friends on Facebook many of whom are fans of Barbara Gray who first introduced us to zentagling on one of her tv shows on Create & Craft. Barbara had explained she used to doodle to relieve stress headaches and had been surprised to find that these doodles were called Zentangles and popular worldwide & on the Web.
Well as a result of putting the original pics out there Rhiannon was so chuffed to recieve over 50 likes and many lovely comments including a couple from Barbara Gray herself.
Tonight the project was completed and I am posting the pictures up here because I think the end result is pretty amazing,  I know I am biased .... but that's how nana's are xx  Already these last pics have resulted in a flurry of  Likes and Comments, its good to encourage talent in young people so very many thanks to everyone who took the time to do so ...when I spoke to her yesterday she was so encouraged that she said she was going to go back to Primark to buy some more pumps  I had also advised her not to wear these works of art ... especially in the rain!! :) thanks for allowing me to be a doting Nana, that's all for now ..xx Annie

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  1. They're great, Annie. Your granddaughter is very talented. x